What they say about Prohunt-Spain

Paola - Mexico


Si tuviera que describir la experiencia que tuve en un viaje que hice a España en noviembre 2012 sería INIGUALABLE, ya que no solo supero mis expectativas sino que también tuve la oportunidad de conocer lugares espectaculares y conocer a personas que sin duda alguna marcan tu vida como lo es Loic, una persona que no solo se preocupa por hacer que vivas una de las mejores experiencias sino que también es un buen amigo.

Era la primera vez que hacía un viaje de cacería, sin duda alguna una inexperta disparando un rifle o una escopeta pero fue muy divertido aprender cómo hacerlo e incluso ver como lo hacen, no puedo esperar para regresar este año y ver que tiene Loic preparado ya que siempre busca la forma de sorprender a sus clientes.

Lo recomiendo no solo para profesionales, también para aquellos que quieran vivir una experiencia inolvidable.

Clinton - Albuquerque, NM


I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to hunt all over the United States, Scotland, Argentina, twice in Africa, and Spain. Of all the trips I’ve taken, all pale in comparison to hunting with Loic in Spain. Not only has hunting the different species of Spanish Ibex been the most thrilling hunting, but the experiences of all the hunts there are extraordinary. For wild boar, we stalk them in moonlight, tip toeing around the forests squinting to see the large boar foraging. For the red deer, the country we hunted was astonishingly beautiful. I have a special passion for mountain hunting, and experiencing the Beceite, Sierra Nevada and Ronda mountains in pursuit of ibex certainly tops my hunting memories list.

Perhaps almost (but not quite) overshadowing the hunting has been the accommodations and food Loic has provided us with over the past couple years. Our first few nights we stayed in the most beautiful estate I have ever seen, and it was just my family, Loic and the staff. All the hotel accommodations throughout the country have been by far the best I’ve experienced anywhere in Europe, and more often than not we stay in huge Spanish style haciendas, being hosted by any number of Loic’s many friends around the country. After our hunt was complete last fall, Loic even took us to a vacation town on the Mediterranean Sea, where he showed us to pick fresh oranges and mandarins from his family’s garden. Following coffee, he then took us for a cruise around the bay on his own boat, showing a view of Spain from the Mediterranean. Visiting the Alhambra in beautiful Granada, and a Real Madrid soccer game in Madrid were also once in a lifetime experiences.
My family and I have learned that with ProHunt Spain and Loic “making a plan” for us, all we need to do is tell him when we will arrive and what we plan to hunt. Then we can be carefree and fully confident that Loic will put us on some magnificent trophies, and indulge us in the magic of Spain.

Cindy - Alto, NM

 As an observer I have traveled the world with my husband and son and no trip has ever compared to the amazing times we spent in Spain with Loic Sintes. From hunting to dining, shopping or even spa treatments he takes care of the observer like you are his dearest friend. The great thing is that after your trip you know that he has indeed become a true and wonderful friend and you can't wait to go back. Loic is like a superhero, he can make anything happen. Spain is incredibly beautiful and when you travel and hunt with Loic you are sure to experience everything to the fullest. Truly the best!! 

Troy - Alto, NM

 From the minute you arrive in Spain it's like being a kid in Disneyland. You never know what Loic has planned and you find yourself experiencing things you never dreamed of. After your first day with Loic you realize he is one of Spain's most endearing people. The hunting is amazing and you will want to return time and time again. I have hunted for more than 40 years and I have never encountered a more competent, knowledgeable and accommodating person. In this fast-paced world it's like a dose of Prozac and Spain is now my favorite place to go.